CheeseIV (cheeseiv) wrote in catholic_roma,

Planet Eden.

God loves you.

Many have heard this phrase a thousand times, but never quite understood.

God loves you; he listens to you, he looks after you all the time. He sees your every single action, he hears your every single thought. He cares about your every single project, takes interest in your ideas. He doesn't give his creatures dreams to squish them.

The planet Earth, without believing in the Divine Providence it's a nightmare. You've gotta watch your back, you've gotta take care of things that are outside of your power... everybody's out to get you.

But if you trust in God, believing in his Providence, you'll know that everything that happens will be for a reason. You'll look at your daily events and wonder "What might the Lord have been trying to tell me with this?"

You will live in the world without being of the world.

Planet Earth, while believing in the Divine Providence is like Eden.
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