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Confession time!

So, I am getting married in about a year and I have a dilema. I like the church I go to. I like the priest and the people. I even like going to mass at 8 in the morning so that I don't have to worry about getting a seat. Well, there's an issue. The church is UGLY. The lighing is weird so all the pictures turn out red, and the church isn't that pretty to begin with. It's so messed up to say it, but I am serious! I don't want to get married there. I wish I could pack up the priest and take him off to a prettier church (which is where I got an idea).

I want to have my wedding at an aquarium! I hear that if you get permission from the bishop you can do it. However, I don't know if my priest will go along with it. I like him because he's pretty conservative. D'Oh! Has anyone ever gone to a Catholic wedding outside the church?

Another thing I am worried about is if I should have a mass at all or just have the ceremony? The groom and his family, plus about 20% of my family & friends aren't Catholic and an issue I have (that I need to get through) is that I get really bugged when non-believers take part in the communion even though they don't understand it. So, I was just wondering from the viewpoint of others: What is the opinion of people concerning taking communion out of the mass.

Oi oi.
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