TK (chickyboo) wrote in catholic_roma,

Wedding Questions

Okay folks, this is a question for all you Catholic brides or really anyone who is religious with big families.

First... Background: Just immediate family, I have around 50 family members. This is not including people they are dating, kiddos in the womb, etc... Both my parents and his parents are drowning in debt. I will be in school until 4 months before the wedding and my honey just graduated (college) in December.

Do you think it would cause too much drama to have an extremely small wedding? I mean, I just can't elope, because I have to get married in the church. So, I'm trying to figure if it would be too much drama if I tried to have a small ceremony while my whole (fairly close-knit) family is sitting at home watching TV (many in the same city?)

Is it possible to have a small Catholic wedding?
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