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Hmm.  I just thought I'd bring an interesting piece to the table.

WHY oh why, do we always take so much of our time and effort coming up with ways to remedy the consequences of human behaviour when we can just work on improving behaviour itself?  Reminds me of a conversation I heard on TV:
guy: "from now on I'm going to apologize for EVERY stupid thing I've done."
girl: "why don't you just stop doing stupid things?"
guy: "I'd really like it if I can do both."

So yeah, how come the Catholic Church just won't be realistic about it?  Just 'face up to reality' in the words of the British PM?

Accept what reality?  That people are careless and stupid and no less than a bunch of sensationalists?  That people will keep on with their promiscuity and there's nothing we can do about it?  The people have 'needs' (ugh, this particular argument has GOT to stop)?  Yeah, I think we more or less knew that from the beginning.  But the RC's stance on this does not mean to deny the reality that people are careless; I think it's basically saying that they can have their way, but within the Church, there won't be any condom tours to save their asses from HIV while they enjoy all the sex they want. 

The Cardinal couldn't have put it any better:

". . .over a quarter, worldwide, but especially in Africa, over a quarter of healthcare particularly for Aids victims, is given by the Catholic Church and its agencies. . . You know, I think what I'd like to say to the Prime Minister, it'd be much better if we used that money to provide more anti-retroviral drugs, medicines, for the millions of children and women who are affected."

My point exactly.  Help should be given to people already infected, not to asshats who are afraid of being infected, and are seeking that rubber loophole so they can carry on with their promiscuous behaviour.  

Thoughts?  Comments?

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