ausmaria (ausmaria) wrote in catholic_roma,

Hi All!

Hi Everyone! My name is AusMaria- well its the pseudonym I like to write under. Aus= I'm from Australia & Maria= I have a great love of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It's great to find a community of Catholics here on LJ! I'm currently studying education, theology & literature at university. Eventually I hope to become a high school teacher in RE (Religious Education) and English. I was baptized into the Church at age 9 along with my younger brother. My favorite saints at the moment are John Bosco, St Damien of Molokai, Mary MacKillop, St Joseph & Oscar Romero. During the weekend I like to socialize with friends, go to the beach or just relax & watch some movies. I hope to meet some other young Catholics from all around the world. God Bless you! :-) 
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